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City Council Meeting August 5, 2019

City Council Meeting August 5, 2019

Regularly Scheduled Meeting

Event date: 8/5/2019 6:30 PM Export event

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Agenda, Clemson City Council
Monday, August 5, 2019
Regular Council Meeting at 6:30 p.m.
Council Chamber, Clemson City Hall

1. Call to Order

2. Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance – Council Member Cox

3. Public Session – Receive public comments that may or may not be on this agenda

4. Approval of Minutes –July 15, 2019 & July 22, 2019

5. Reports/Discussion Agenda:
    a. Report from Herb Tyler – ATAX grants as recommended by the ATAX Committee – Director of Finance Joel Seavey.
    b. Review the current Sidewalk Ordinance, Section 16-57, and discuss potential amendment to this Ordinance to allow residents to petition for consideration of sidewalk construction on streets adjacent to their property and neighborhood properties – Council Member McGuire.
    c. Review, discuss and edit the draft Traffic Calming Request Process that was presented by Chief Dixon and City Engineer Guthrie at the July 15, 2019 meeting – City Council.
    d. Review and discuss possible Ordinance amendments related to City Council meetings and process, including:
        • Section 2-47 Voting: Electronic Council or Committee Meeting Attendance
        • Ordinance Readings: City Attorney report on issues related to “3rd Readings” of an Ordinance
        • Section 2-44 Order of Business: Issues related to “Public Session” and public input during Policy/Action Agenda items of a meeting; Discuss the “Order of Business”
    e. Staff and Council reports.

6. Policy/Action Agenda:
    a. Consider allowing the Town of Central to annex a lot into the Central corporate limits (123 Hope Drive), which is located with the City of Clemson future annexation area (as defined in the 1988 Annexation Settlement between Central and Clemson) – City Administrator Rick Cotton.
    b. Consider 1st Reading of the 2019 Police vehicle and equipment lease purchase in the amount not exceeding $250,000 – Director of Finance Joel Seavey.
    c. Consider a change order request for the Cochran Road wastewater treatment plant expansion project – Assistant City Administrator Andy Blondeau.
    d. Consider placing a sign in the right of way on Woodland Way commemorating Col. Ben Skardon – Assistant City Administrator Andy Blondeau.
    e. Consider approving Foothills Community Health Care as a non-profit eligible to advertise events on the electronic message sign – Assistant City Administrator Andy Blondeau.

7. New Business.


Click here to livestream on the City's Youtube Channel

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