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Current Planning

The Planning Staff provides primary professional and technical support to the Planning Commission including preparation of meeting agendas, public notices, issue papers, and information packets. At the direction of the Planning Commission, the Planning Staff prepares drafts of ordinances, zoning text amendments, street name changes, and other reports as needed. This division also maintains the demographic profile/information about the Clemson community.
Land Development Regulations
In order to maintain the high quality of development expected by our residents, the City has adopted Land Development Regulations. These regulations provide minimum standards for land subdivision and the construction of required infrastructure necessary to support new development. This includes minimum requirements for roads, water and sewer, and storm water facilities. The Planning Division Staff coordinates the required reviews with various City departments prior to submitting these plans to the Planning Commission for review/submission.


Geographic Information System (GIS) combines traditional community based mapping with a variety of informational sources to create a powerful analytical tool for the City and its residents. The Planning Division maintains a variety of data layers as part of the City's GIS program.

Long Range Planning/Comprehensive Plan

South Carolina state law requires that all jurisdictions engaged in local planning and land use regulation comply with the requirements of Title 6 Chapter 29 of the South Carolina Code of Laws, the South Carolina Comprehensive Enabling Act of 1994 (amended). One of the main requirements of this legislation is that each community adopts a comprehensive plan once every 10 years and updates the document once every 5 years. This document is intended to provide a roadmap to the local community to direct decisions that impacts its long term growth.
In 2014, the City adopted City of Clemson Comprehensive Plan 2024.

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