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STOP Signs - will be replaced within 2 hours during normal working hours (7 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday). After hours they will be replaced by the employee on call, as soon as possible. To report a stop sign down, call Public Works during working hours at (864) 653-2053. After hours, call the Police Department at (864)624-2000.

STREET Signs - Report all street sign repair to the Public Works Department during working hours (864)653-2053.

POTHOLE Repair - Report all potholes to the Public Works Department (864)653-2053.

RIGHT-OF-WAY Maintenance - Report any problems of mowing, and pruning of limbs overhanging the street to the Public Works Department (864)653-2053.

DRAINAGE - Report any problems to Nathan Hinkle in the Stormwater Department: (864)624-1126 or

You may also email your work orders in to the below email addresses if you prefer:

Kathy Rhodes - Office Manager
Work Orders - Reporting a work order

Report Outages to Duke Energy: 
Street light outages
Power off
Tree Down/Tree on Power Line
to the below web site
Outages - Duke Energy

Storm Tips- Storm Tips - Duke Energy

AT&T Repair- AT&T Repairs - AT&T

Driveway and Encroachment Permits

  1. Driveway Permit
  2. Encroachment Permit

For more information please contact the Public Works Department (864)653-2053.

Traffic Calming Request Process - Traffic Calming Request Process - Adopted August 19th, 2019

Public Works Department
1155 Old Central Road
Central, SC 29630

Phone:  (864) 653-2053
Fax:  (864) 653-2048