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Off Campus Housing, Rental, Management FAQs

Do these ​new large student ​properties have restrictions/rules?...  ie can students have pets? ​

Some properties (most of the larger ones) have covenants or rules for living there. As I understand it UCenter is allowing pets. I suspect that will be a short-lived allowance. They probably offered it to help fill up spaces in year one. They are 9​7​% full, so I doubt they will need that in year two. No idea how many if any students will be bringing pets. I have spoken to their leasing office about curbing dogs, and they have a large grassy area and are putting in three of those dog poop stations. ​

How many ​students ​can share an apartment of a certain size?​

Unless the project is or was done as a Planned Development, the apartment complexes downtown have a maximum occupancy of 4 per unit regardless of the number of bedrooms.  Most of the new units are 4 bedrooms so they won't be having dormitory style living like they do at Campus View.

​Is there a noise restriction/late night? ​

Yes. The City has a noise ordinance that states (along with other things) that:  Yelling, shouting, loud conversation, whistling, singing, ​music, ​and all other excessive verbal noise, whether electronically amplified or not, is not allowed between 10:30 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. in residential and noise-sensitive areas, nor at any other time or location if the noise is excessive and unreasonably disturbs the quiet, comfort, or repose of a reasonable person of ordinary sensibilities. This prohibition is not intended to restrict the content of legal speech, but is intended to address public health, welfare, safety, and quality of life.

Who will manage​ these properties once​ ​or if they are sold?  ​The owners or their agent? ​Who will enforce rules if there are any?  ​​

That d​epends. If it is a City ordinance it will be ​the Planning and Codes department or the police. If it is a covenant specific to the property and​ it​ is above and beyond a City ordinance or state law​,​ it will be up to the property manager to enforce.

Is the Clemson infrastructure sufficient to handle all the mega buildings​ ​that are permitted? ​

Yes. Trash, police, sewer, and water are all in place for the projects being built. ​

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