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The Sanitation Department visits every household several times a week as they pick up residential garbage, recycling and other debris. Over 4000 roll carts are emptied each week by Sanitation Crews.


The following should be used by all residents of the City of Clemson concerning the use of the cart system and other services provided by the Public Works Department. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Please do not hesitate to call the Sanitation Department if problems arise at 653-2047.



1. All garbage and refuse must be in plastic bags before being placed in rollcart. (Microwaves, vacuum cleaners, and TV's should be put out with your regular garbage. See E-Waste/E-Cycle page)

2. On your day of collection, roll your cart to the street side in front of your house, but DO NOT PLACE IT IN THE STREET.

3. During the week, between collections, store your rollcart away from the street side.

4. Always place the lid back on the cart when you deposit trash to keep rain and neighborhood pets out.

5. Our collection day begins at 7:00 a.m. and will usually end around 4:30 p.m. Carts should be placed at the street by 7:00 a.m. on collection days and removed by sunset on collection days.

6. The Cart is owned by the City, but keeping it clean, routine upkeep and protecting it from being stolen is the users responsibility. Take care of it, don't abuse it, and it will last a long time.

7. Stolen, damaged, or abused carts are replaced at the property owner's or the responsible agent's expense.

8. Do not place items such as Poisons, Acids, Caustics, Explosives, Construction Materials (i.e. concrete, wood, bricks, etc.), Furniture, Oils, Gasoline, **Paint, & Paint Thinner, Kerosene, Toxic Substances, etc., in the rollcart.

**Paint-- Remove the top of the paint cans and mix with kitty litter or with concrete, let the contents completely dry. Once in a solid state throw into the rollcart with the household garbage.

9. The cart must not be used for any other purpose than storing and collecting garbage.

10. Do not mark, write, paint, cut, or alter the cart in any way.

11. Each cart has a serial number which is recorded by residence, so do not trade carts with your neighbors.

12. The City maintains ownership of the cart at all times, so if you move either within the City or outside the City, notify the Public Works Department at 864-653-2047.

13. If your cart is stolen or damaged call the Public Works Department at once at 864-653-2053.

14. There will be no collection on City holidays (unless notified). These holidays are regularly announced in the newspapers as well as posted on this web site. Do not roll out carts on these days unless otherwise advised.

15. In bad weather during the winter months, especially in snowy and icy conditions, the Sanitation Department will attempt to operate normally, and each resident may choose whether or not to roll out their cart. If collection is postponed entirely, listen to local radio stations for details as well as this web site.

16. Handicapped residents may make a written request to the Public Works Department for special pickup consideration at their home without placing their garbage and recycling at curbside. (Physician statement required) The Sanitation Department will then make a determination as to whether a pickup is warranted and act accordingly.


1. Have recycling bin at curbside by 7:00 a.m. on collection day and remove from street by sundown on collection day.

2. All recyclables must be placed in your recycle bin.

3. Acceptable material:

All plastics 1-5 accepted curbside (look on the bottom of the plastic containers to find the number)
Cereal boxes
All tin cans and aluminum cans
Glass (brown, green, and clear)
Paper products, Newspapers, etc. 
Leave all labels on containers
Rinse all items
Remove caps/lids from all containers


All plastic 1-5 accepted. (Look on the bottom of the plastic containers to find the number)
White or colored computer printout.
White or colored ledger paper.
White or colored letter head/business forms and copy paper.
Telephone books, message pads, envelopes, magazines, newspapers, and junk mail.

Used oil can be placed at curbside on the same day as your regular garbage pick up. Call the Public Works Department 864-653-2053 and request an oil recycle container. This container is placed under your vehicle to allow the oil to drain directly into it as it drains from your vehicle. Turn the oil filter upside down in the oil recycle container to allow the oil to drain from the filter. Once it has drained wrap the oil filter in a plastic bag and sit it on top of the oil container at curbside. An empty one will be left in its place, if one is available on the recycle truck.


1. Bulk junk items such as stoves, refrigerators/freezers and washers/dryers with doors removed or chained only, sofas, chairs, tires, etc., can be placed on curbside to be picked up. However, there may be a small fee for some items. (tires/appliances)

Please Note:
SECTION 16-3-1010. Failing to remove doors from abandoned airtight containers. 
Any person who abandons or discards any icebox, refrigerator, ice chest or other type of airtight container of a capacity sufficient to contain any child and who neglects prior to such abandonment to remove the door, lid or other device for the closing thereof and any owner, lessee or other person in charge of property who knowingly permits any abandoned icebox, refrigerator, ice chest or other type of airtight container to remain thereon accessible to children without removing the door, lid or other closing device therefrom shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be fined not more than one hundred dollars or imprisoned not more than thirty days. 
HISTORY: 1962 Code Section 16-94; 1954 (48) 1479.


2. Large limbs and branches of 6 ft. in length or less can be stacked at the street side for pickup (preferably parallel to the street to accommodate City Brush Tractor).

3. During leaf season, leaves may be put at the street side for pickup.(see season schedule)

4. The Sanitation Department also operates a container service for local businesses and apartments. For further information call the Public Works Department at 653-2047.

5. The Sanitation Department will not remove contractor generated debris such as tree surgeon waste, shingles, building materials, cross ties or special waste.

6. The Sanitation Department picks up cardboard boxes on Friday mornings for residents. Call 864-653-2053, 24 hours in advance to place a work order. Place the cardboard out on Thursday night, broken down, lain flat and stacked neat. Place all packing material in a trash bag.

Cardboard Boxes for Businesses are picked up by the City of Clemson, 864-653-2053, should you need to be added to the cardboard list, or have a problem with your existing service.


Curbside collection No charge

Roll Cart Service .50/cubic yard
One pickup per week (Res.San): $12.00/month
Each additional pickup/week: $12.00/month
One pickup per week (Com. San): $10.50/month
Each additional pickup/week: $10.50/month
Pickens County Landfill tipping fee: $8.50/pickup
Special Order pickup: $3/pickup

Container Service (6cys)
Once weekly per pickup service: $61.40/month
Each additional pickup/week: $61.40/month
Pickens County landfill tipping fee: $38.00
Special order pickup: $45.00/pickup

Special Handling
Yard Waste (grass clippings): No charge
Leaves: No charge
Limbs/Household: No charge
Limbs/Contractors: $7.5/cyd
White goods (appliances): $2/item
Tires, Batteries: $2/item
Load-A-Truck (Brush only): $20/day
Wood chips (mulch):
      Pick-up - No Charge but must show proof of a tarp to cover the mulch before loading and leaving the grinding site
      Delivered (min 5cyds) - $10/cyd


NOTICE: IT IS AGAINST THE LAW, to dispose of computers, computer monitors, televisions, printers, and any other type of electronic equipment as well as parts of any of these items in the the landfill.

These items must be recycled. Place these items curbside. We will have a special pick up for all E-Waste that will be marked by the GPS System on your regular Sanitation pickup day.


The Public Works Department has recently purchased a GPS that is installed on the Sanitation garbage trucks that notifies the office at the end of the day the items that have been placed out at the curb side for pick up. This GPS allows Sanitation to pick up brush, junk, leaves, repair pot holes, etc. in a more efficient and timely manner. Due to the fact that Sanitation no longer has to go down each street looking for items, it is much faster progress in keeping Clemson clean.

If you place your items out at the curb side on the day your household garbage is serviced, the items should be picked up within a few days. Should you need more information please call 864-653-2053.

Sanitation GPS Information

Public Works Department
1155 Old Central Road
Central, SC 29630

Phone:  (864) 653-2053
Fax:  (864) 653-2048