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Earle Street Apartments

Earle Street Apartments

There has been a lot of press and social media related to a recent incident at the Earle Street Apartments. The facts of the matter are that a concrete hallway settled and developed a crack. As a temporary measure, the property owners were stabilizing the concrete walkway by injecting a polymer foam. In the process of doing so they inadvertently drilled into some sewer lines and the foam found its way into the sewer lines and exuded from fixtures on the upper floors. The building has been examined by engineers and the City has received a letter certifying that after inspecting the foundation, truss system, and upper levels for signs of movement, the building is structurally sound. The only tenants displaced are the nine who resided in the ground floor units along the hallway where the floor cracked. It was determined that the trip hazard of the crack in the floor, the need to break open the concrete floor to repair the sewer lines, and the need to make holes in the concrete to do soil testing in order to determine why the floor settled and how to repair it, led the City and property owner to deem this area unsafe. The structural integrity of the building is intact and no tenants were or currently are at risk.

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