City Police Department Launches Interactive Crime Tool

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City Police Department Launches Interactive Crime Tool


In September 2013, the CPD joined forces with an online crime search program called Crime Reports.  This program allows citizens and visitors the opportunity to view police responses and crimes taking place throughout the City or within a specific address or neighborhood. The program is an initiative brought about by Sheriff Clark to link all municipalities with the Sheriff's Office, in an effort to compare crime data.

By simply entering an address (residential or commercial) into the search bar, users can see an array of crimes that have taken place within a specified area.  For example, by typing in 1250 Tiger Blvd (Clemson City Hall) hundreds of crimes are reported, ranging from noise/party violations to vehicle theft and burglary.  The interactive map view allows users to click on a particular incident and view a detailed report including date and location.  The advanced search tool offers an array of checkboxes for a narrowed report and includes a calendar tool for specific dates in which the incidents are occurring.

This software can be very useful for police and citizens alike.  The program identifies areas throughout the City with high crime trends or “hot spots.”  The Police Department can use this information in the assignment of personnel, allowing them to saturate specific areas of concern.  They will also be able to link similar crimes together within the County to join efforts to hopefully resolve the incidents.  Visitors considering a permanent home in Clemson may also use the database to determine safe, low profile locations to buy or build a home.  The Crime Report system allows users to search any address within the country, however the individual city must be onboard with the system in order for information to display.  This innovative tool will help to ensure that Clemson stays up-to-date with technology and crime reporting within the community.

Citizens and visitors may access the program through the Police Department's web page or through