City of Clemson Football Info

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City of Clemson Football Info

On behalf of the City of Clemson we would like to welcome you to our 2014 football season. We are looking forward to a great season.

The Clemson Police Department would like to ask the residents, students and visitors of Clemson to please be aware of and help in some of our problem areas that we run into during the busy football season.

The downtown residential areas will not allow any traffic EXCEPT that of the actual residents themselves. All other traffic will be BLOCKED and redirected by officer or barricade.  No on-street parking is permitted in the downtown residential areas; vehicles parked on the street are subject to tow. 

Blockade Map  (Click on map to enlarge)                      

Traffic flow immediately following the game and up to 2 hours after the game will be one way on College Ave flowing from Hwy 93 toward Hwy 123.

Traffic Flow Map (Click on map to enlarge)

Highway 123 and 76 intersection traffic flow for post game outbound traffic:

123 and 76 Outbound Traffic Flow Map  (Click on map to enlarge)

While open containers may be allowed on University property they are strictly forbidden within the City limits. Please do not walk around with open containers for you will be asked to dispose of the beverage and/or be ticketed.

Below is a list of other areas of concern. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with these City Ordinances and State Statues. With your cooperation we are sure this season will run smoothly and safely for all. GO TIGERS!

City Ordinances
3-4 Open Container
9-4 Littering
12-55 Operating without a Business License
13-10 Noise Violation
18-35 Unlawful to Text or Email While Driving

State Statues
16-17-710 Ticket Scalping
56-3-115 Golf Cart Permit Requirements
56-5-740 Disobedience to Officers Directing Traffic
56-5-1030 Interfere with a Traffic Control Device (Moving Barricades, Cones or Signs)
63-19-2440 Minor in Possession of Beer or Wine
63-19-2450 Minor in Possession of Liquor