Town & Gown Element


The Town & Gown Comprehensive Plan committee, made up of students, residents, Clemson University faculty and staff, and city staff, met several times throughout January and February 2014 to determine strengths and weaknesses that come with living in a university city. These were then discussed, critiqued, and analyzed to create goals, objectives, and strategies that provide specific actions that encourage continued strengthening of the town-gown relationship during the next decade.

“The complete and open sharing and exchange of information between City of Clemson and Clemson University to allow decisions on planning proposals or projects which use City and/or University resources of man power, facilities, monies, knowledge to the fullest potential and to continually increase the viability of the City and University growth along with the quality of life for residents, students, and university personnel.”

A draft of the Town & Gown Element can be found here.
**This draft was uploaded on 3/26/2014