Painting the Town - Everything Clemson

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New Art Exhibit @ City Hall

The collaborative efforts of Clemson ARTS Center and the City of Clemson opened an art gallery at Clemson City Hall. Exhibits feature the works of local artists that range from those just emerging to seasoned artists.   “PAINTING THE TOWN; Everything Clemson”  is currently exhibited at Clemson City Hall and  will show through August 15, 2014.

Works include City and University traditions, landscapes, landmarks and activities. Mediums include including painting, drawing, photography and jewelry. Collections from artists: Trent Allen, Greg Ammons, Steve Bynum, Eleanor Castle, Marvin Joe Merck, Pamela LaTour, Robert Seel, Steven Shiflet, and Susan Stamey are displayed in the upstairs Administration and Council Chamber lobbies, and downstairs in the Planning & Codes lobby.

Shown above: "Tillman from Martin" a photograph by Trent Allen.
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