South Carolina Botanical Gardens Flooded

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Your Help Is Needed!

The South Carolina Botanical Garden has received unprecedented damage from flooding, well over $200,000.00 in infrastructure damage. This includes a devastating blow to its most significant collection and exhibit. The Natural Heritage Garden shelters more than 1000 varieties of native plants in their natural habitats. This is the heart and soul of our Garden. The Garden is and will remain a free destination for the roughly 400,000 visitors we receive annually. They need our help to recover. Insurance is not going to cover any of the damage sustained and support from the community is needed to rebuild. To volunteer your work or give monetarily to the flood fund, please click here for more information.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013 Botanical Garden Staff Update: We would like to take this opportunity to send our most heartfelt thank you to all those volunteers involved in the 2013 Garden Flood Disaster Clean-up. The initial cleanup is almost complete. According to Director, Patrick McMillan, “We have a massive amount of construction left to do but we must wait until the engineers have assessed the runoff situation to be certain that the rebuild will withstand a flood of the magnitude we have just experienced."  Tuesday, July 23, 2013 is scheduled to be the final volunteer workday until the construction process begins. The enormous amount of volunteers that have come out to help with the recovery has been overwhelming and for that we are grateful. Please know that although the initial flood cleanup is over we can still use your help; please consider continuing as a garden volunteer because at the South Carolina Botanical Garden, not only do we cherish our volunteers, we could never accomplish all we do without them. We rely heavily on generous, dedicated volunteers to help us achieve our mission. If you are interested in other volunteer opportunities in the garden please contact John Bodiford.

Thank you to those volunteers who unselfishly donated their money, time, and energy toward repairing the storm damage to the Natural Heritage Garden. This tedious and dirty work will help save, replant, or strengthen more than 1,000 varieties of native plants in their natural habitats. Your dedication is testament to how much the garden means to the community, families, and individuals. Witnessing this type of devotion from the community reinforces the knowledge that the South Carolina Botanical Garden is a place that touches all of our lives.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013 Botanical Garden Staff Update: At last night's Clemson City Council Meeting, the Council approved $10,000.00 be granted to the SCBG to help with repair costs. The only hook is that they are only willing to grant this money to the Garden if we can match that number with newly donated private funds. If you haven't given to the Garden Flood Relief, please consider giving at this time - you can double your donation!

It's easy to give, simply visit our website: or you can send a check to us at South Carolina Botanical Garden, 150 Discovery Lane, Clemson, SC 29634 - simply make sure you put Flood Relief in the memo line. We are getting closer to our goal every day, little-by-little. We will make it!