SC 811 Academy

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SC 811 Academy

We have made a lot of changes to our website over the last few months. In addition to Positive Response and the new new portal, we have also added a new section to our website called SC811 Academy. This new section will house damage prevention training vid­eos, frequently asked questions, and eventually a live chat feature. These will be helpful tools for all stakehold­ers in damage prevention. Our goal is that SC811 Academy will be the primary resource for damage prevention and underground safety training.

Currently on the site, we have a training videos that show step-by-step how to enter a locate notice in the new portal. We will be adding addition­al training videos in the next few months. Stay tuned! Click here to visit the SC811 Academy page.

Teaching kids at an early age about the importance of safe digging is very important to us. In the past we have given presentations at schools, plant­ed trees at schools and put together a couple kids safety days. We plan to continue with the initiatives, especially the tree plantings, this spring. If you know a teacher at an elementary school in the state who would be interested in having a safe digging demonstration and tree planting, please contact us.

To take this project one step further, we would like our membership to consider also giving safe digging presentations and a tree plantings at schools in your area. If our membership comes alongside us for this proj­ect, we will together be able to teach many students about the impor­tance of safe digging.

If you are interested, and would like information about the program and how to give a demonstration, please contact Charleigh at

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