Obtain Water and Sewer Tap Fees (Rate Schedule)


Utility Rate Schedule


Other City Services

We work with developers on all the new projects that come into the City of Clemson.  The extent of the work includes onsite and off-site utilities.  Inspections take place during construction and are coordinated with Engineering.  We keep an inspector on site throughout the duration of a large utility project to ensure proper installation and for us to have record of the project.  Most utility installations require a permit from the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control and our inspectors insure we have a properly completed project and comply with SCDHEC regulations.

Garbage and Trash Disposal

Residential Roll-A-Waste Carts are distributed by the Office of Public Works to new single-family dwellings for a monthly fee of $10.00 and $10.00 for each additional pickup per week which is charged on the utility bill.  A schedule for weekly pick-up in your area is also available.  Trash pick-up is provided on request.  Telephone (864) 653-2053.


Emergency 911 Service

If you have an emergency of any kind and need help, dial 911 on your touch-tone telephone.