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Warranty Programs Not Endorsed

The City of Clemson receives questions from customers concerning the mailings from service warranty companies throughout the year. Waterline service plans are much like an extended warranty for an appliance. Buyers gamble that they will need it someday. The City of Clemson Utilities Department does not endorse service line warranty programs.

The City of Clemson does not pay for repairs to water and sewer lines from the house to the city's portion of the lines. That's the homeowner's responsibility. Repairs can cost thousands of dollars, but most of the time they are far less. The City maintains water and sewer lines from the main water line to the water meter, and normally from the sewer main to the property line, (up to a maximum 60 feet towards the property line or less.)

Like with any insurance or warranty program, individuals should do their own due diligence to learn what is and is not covered and if there are any exceptions to the contracts. It is always best to check with your local plumbers and get estimates for any repair work to your utilities.


If you have further questions:
City of Clemson Utilities Department
(864) 653-2046