Irrigation Meter Information


Do you use a lot of water for watering your lawn or filling your pool? If so, you may be able to reduce your monthly wastewater bill by getting a separate irrigation account-a water meter exclusively for outdoor water use.

The frequently asked questions below will help you determine if an irrigation meter is a good fit for you.For more information, please contact our Water and Sewer Billing Department at (864) 653-2035.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the advantage in getting a separate irrigation account?
The advantage is this: You won’t pay wastewater charges on the water you use outdoors. You will continue to pay wastewater charges for your residential account that supplies your home, but those charges will be based on your indoor water usage, which typically decreases when you begin using your irrigation meter for outdoor watering.

How much does it cost to install a residential irrigation meter?
The total cost to install a ¾” domestic irrigation meter is $600, (the customer provides everything beyond the meter box.)
It’s important to note that homeowner irrigation accounts require you to install a backflow prevention device on underground systems and have it tested initially by an approved tester before being placed into service and then every three years after that. A certified plumber or contractor can install a backflow preventer for you. The cost will depend on the type of device required and the installation labor. Testing fees vary, so it’s a good idea to call around for pricing to Certified Testers please follow this link to the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control website for a list of certified testers:

How do I apply for an irrigation meter?
You can apply for an irrigation meter by going by the Utility Billing Department and filling out an application.

How long will it take to get an irrigation meter installed?
It typically takes three to four weeks from the time you apply and pay for an irrigation account to the time it is installed.

Who can I contact for more information?
Please contact our Utility Billing Department at (864) 653-2035 or Utilities Department (864) 653-2046.

What is a backflow device?
Backflow preventers protect the City of Clemson’s public water supply from potential contamination by blocking backflow.