Grease Information


Just as excessive grease in a person’s diet can cause problems with the human body’s “plumbing system”, grease poured into your drain at home can cause problems with the City of Clemson sewer system.

When liquid grease is introduced into the sewer system it begins to solidify as it cools. The grease then attaches itself to the inside of the sewer line. Over a period of time this grease severely restricts the flow in the sewer line and eventually will cause a complete blockage. When a blockage occurs the contents of the sewer line seek the path of least resistance, usually flowing out of a manhole onto the ground or in the worst case into your home. It goes without saying, this can cause a very unhealthy condition.

In an effort to reduce this potential problem we ask that you do not pour grease into your drain, but rather collect cooking grease in a can or jar and allow it to solidify then dispose of it with your trash. It is a good idea to dispose of “all food into the garbage” and not use the under sink disposal as a trash can.

The City of Clemson Utilities Department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to a problem of this nature. If you see a sewer overflow during normal working hours (Monday-Friday 8am until 5pm) call the Utilities Department at 653-2046 or after hours contact the City of Clemson Police Department at 624-2000 and they will dispatch the person on-call.

Grease Diagram