NOTICE:  Pickens County will be paving Crest Circle Monday, June 22, 2015. Due to the close proximity of the paving, traffic for Shorecrest Dr., Sloan St., and Edgewood Ave. may be affected by delays.


STOP Signs - will be replaced within 2 hours during normal working hours (7 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday) after hours they will be replaced by the employee on call, as soon as possible. To report a stop sign down, call Public Works, during working hours (864) 653-2053, after hours, call the Police Department (864)624-2000.


STREET Signs - report all street sign repair to the Public Works Department during working hours (864)653-2053.


POTHOLE Repair - report all potholes to the Public Works Department (864)653-2053.


RIGHT-OF-WAY Maintenance - report any problems of mowing, and pruning of limbs overhanging the street to the Public Works Department (864)653-2053.


DRAINAGE - report any problems to the Public Works Department (864)653-2053.


You may also email your work orders in to the below email addresses if you prefer:

Kathy Rhodes - Office Manager
Work Orders - Reporting a work order

Report Outages to Duke Energy;
Street light outages
Power off
Tree Down/Tree on Power Line
to the below web site

Outages - Duke Energy


Storm Tips

Storm Tips - Duke Energy


AT&T Repair

AT&T Repairs - AT&T

Driveway and Encroachment Permits

  1. Driveway Permit
  2. Encroachment Permit


For more information please contact the Public Works Department (864)653-2053.