THEFT ALERT                             



During the night or early morning hours of Sunday night, October 20, 2013 residents along the Berkeley Drive and the Country Walk subdivision areas experienced vehicles having been broken into.  Some of the vehicles were left unlocked; others were locked and had the window broken out.


This type of activity occurred a couple months ago in another part of the City and the Police Department was able to make an arrest two individuals responsible for those.  It is apparent there are other group(s) of individuals either walking around or driving around during the late night/early morning hours searching for articles to steal.


While the police are working diligently to find the suspect(s) responsible for these incidents; we are asking all our citizens to ensure there is nothing of value within plain sight left within their vehicles or outside their residence left unsecured.  We are also asking residents to call the Police Department at 864-624-2000 whenever they see individual(s) walking around their neighborhoods that are not familiar and especially when seen during the night hours.


We are not asking our residents to take matters into their own hands; call the Police Department and allow us to determine the validity of those that may be observed.  Let me reinforce a statement made within a previous message to our citizens: “The only non-important call is the one you decide not to make.”


I promise you we are going to do everything possible to determine the responsible party; however, it takes all of us the fight crime during the era we now live in.  Thank you in advance for your support and your assistance.