Rental Housing Program


The Rental Housing Ordinance was adopted by City Council in 2000; the ordinance has been updated several times to reflect the evolution of the program. The primary intent of this ordinance is to protect single family neighborhoods and to establish minimum life safety standards for rental units. These standards apply to single family houses, duplexes, and townhouses. All rental houses must undergo an annual inspection for “livability standards” and obtain a permit.

Obtaining a rental housing permit

  • Schedule an appointment and provide basic property information so that a rental record can be created in the City's Rental Tracking Program
  • The property is inspected. Please note that the owner/agent must be present at time of inspection (current occupants must be given 24 hours advance notice of inspections)
  • All items noted on inspection report must be corrected and unit reinspected-Permitting fee of $100 must be paid and permit is issued
  • Permits are renewed annually (July 1 through June 30) 

Maximum Occupancy

Established through the Zoning Ordinance and based upon the zoning district where the dwelling is located.  New Rental Properties are limited to this occupancy standard.  Section 13-55, Rental Housing Ordinance defines occupantBelow is a link to obtain the form to request a list of properties with current rental permits and their occupancy. Please feel free to review that list before you sign a lease.  If you are buying a property you can validate the occupancy limit by contacting our office and talking with the Zoning and Codes Administrator.

Rental Housing Ordinance - March 15, 2015

Checklist for rental housing inspections

Form to request list of current rental properties and their allowed occupancy

Acknowledgement of Non-Compliant Windows form

Short Term Rental Ordinance

Short Term Rental Registration Form

Short Term Rental Log Sheet

Short Term Residential Rental Reference Sheet



Rental Housing Program Staff

Hunnicutt Lindsay, Codes Enforcement Officer -

Beth Connor, Office Manager -


Phone - 864-653-2050