Planning Commission Meeting: October 13, 2014



City of Clemson Planning Commission Regular Meeting

Monday, October 13, 2014, at 6:00 p.m.

1250 Tiger Blvd, Ste. 2

City Hall—City Council Chamber 

Call to Order

Public Session

Adoption of Minutes:  Minutes from July 14, 2014.

Advisory/Action Items

  1. 2014-S-34: Consider request from applicant Chase Lawrence for a final plat approval of 9 lots at 107 Calhoun Street for single-family dwellings in an RM-4 Zone. PIN 4044-12-75-9745. Subdivision Documents   Supplemental Documents
  2. 2014-S-35:  Consider request from Dedythe Gaine to name an un-named road near Kelly Road and University Ridge, Dempsey Rd.
  3. 2014-S-36:  Consider renaming the newly constructed road connecting Fabrica Street and Wesley Street, Dorothy Street.

Consider the recommendation of the following Amendments to the Zoning Ordinance as requested by City Council:

  1. 2014-R-08: Amend Article IV. Non-residential district standards to change the standard for height in the CM, Commercial Mixed-use District from simply height by adding a maximum number of 4 stories permitted.
  2. 2014-R-09: Amend Article IV. Non-residential District Standards to add Home Occupation as a conditional use in the C, General Commercial and CM, Commercial Mixed-use District.
  3. 2014-R-10:  Amend Article VII. Signs to provide additional standards for political and “free speech” protected signs, specifically requirements for the timely removal of political signs after elections and related standards.
  4. 2014-R-13: Consider amending Article III Residential Districts: 19-305.C.12 Guest Cottages to increase setbacks for guest cottages and to allow for guest cottages located above a detached garage.
  5. 2014-R-14: Consider Amending Article IX. Bufferyards, Screening, and Landscaping Specifications Table 19-905 and Table 19-908 to update the number of plantings required in bufferyards and minimum plant spacing.
  6. 2014-R-15: Consider Amending Article I. Adoption and Interpretation to correct the code reference for manufactured homes in the definition of manufactured homes.
  7. 2014-R-16: Consider Amending Article III Residential Districts: 19-305.C8 Customary & Typical Structures/Uses to correct a Scribner’s error. 
  8. 2014-R-17: Amend Article XI Architectural Review to remove section 19-1110 Architectural District Standards Table 19-1110.1.B. as these standards are no longer needed due to minimum and maximum setback requirements for all commercial buildings.
  9. 2014-R-18: Amend Article XI Architectural Review to edit section 19-1110 Architectural District Standards Table 19-1110.2.c.1) to add step-back specification and to create exceptions for Oak Street, Hillcrest, and Pine Street.
  10. 2014-R-19: Amend Article IV Non-residential Districts Section 19-404. Density Bulk, and Dimensional Requirements Table 19-404.1 Footnote 1. to clarify articulation allowances.

Discussion Items

  1. 2014-R-12: Amend Article IX. Bufferyards, Screening, and Landscaping Specifications to required additional buffering standards for residential developments.


  1.      Staff update on progress of the 2024 Comprehensive Plan