Planning Commission Meeting - October 12, 2015



City of Clemson Planning Commission

Monday, October 12, 2015

Work Session, 5:00 PM

Regular Meeting, 6:00 PM

1250 Tiger Blvd, Ste. 2

City Hall—Council Chambers

1.  Call to Order

2.  Public Session

3.  Adoption of Minutes:  August 8, 2015.

4.  Advisory/Action Items

     a.  2015-R-20: Request to rezone up to 354 acres located on the east side of Anderson Highway and southeast of Old Stone Church Road from R-20, Single-Family Residential District and concurrently annex un-zoned lands in Pickens &/or Anderson Counties into the City of Clemson under a proposed Planned Development zoning district by Pacolet Milliken Enterprises.

      b.  2015-R-22: Proposed Text Amendment to Section 19-402 and 19-405 to add Assembly Areas in commercial districts as a conditional and special exception use. 

      c.  2015-R-23: Proposed Text Amendment to Article VII Signs to correct Scribner’s errors and add standards for electronic signs for fuel stations, and to Amend Section 19-107 Definitions.

      d.  2015-R-25: Aspen Heights Planned Development Minor Amendment Clarification

      e.  2015-R-26: Proposed Text Amendment to Section 19-807. Vehicular Use Area Design Standards for Uses Other Than Single-Family or Duplex Uses, Table 19-807 E. 2. to exempt properties abutting an active railroad right-of-way from the requirement that parking and driveways be 3’ from the property line abutting the R/W.

5.  Discussion Items

     a.  Receive an update on proposed rewrite of the Article XI. Architectural Review

     b.  Discuss change to allowable building height along Keowee Trail as proposed in the City of Clemson Comprehensive Plan 2024.

     c.  Consider a proposed text amendment to the City of Clemson Zoning Ordinance to clarify language in the standards for mixed-use structures abutting Corps of Engineers lands.

6.  Adjourn