Planning Commission


The Planning Commission is an advisory board created by City Council to provide recommendations on a variety of land use related issues impacting the long term quality of life in the Clemson community. The Commission is responsible for reviewing and directing the preparation of the City's Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Ordinance, and land development regulations. Other duties of the commission include approval of street name requests, recommendations of rezoning requests, approval of land development applications, and recommendations regarding ordinance amendments.

Planning Commission Meeting Schedule and Application Deadlines - 2017

The current members of the Planning Commission are:

  • William Aarnes
  • Ruth Andreasen

  • Frances McGuire

  • Drake McNeary

  • Mary Beth Green

  • John Peters

  • Eric Newton


IMPORTANT NOTICE TO APPLICANT(S) AND GENERAL PUBLIC:  Please refrain from contacting any member of the Planning Commission regarding matters related to an application.  Any communication outside the public meeting, including but not limited to face-to-face conversations, phone calls, written correspondence, e-mails, instant messaging, and the next level of technology that presents itself with any member of the Planning Commission is considered an "ex parte communication".

An "ex parte communication" occurs when an interested party in the matter to be decided (or representative) and a quasi-judicial decision-maker discuss, outside the formal hearing process, the substance of the matter to be decided.  If this were to occur the decision-maker is disqualified (must be recused) from voting on the matter.  Outside communications also create an appearance of impropriety and serves to undercut public confidence in the integrity of the process.

Any resident of Clemson or anyone who owns property or a business in Clemson who wishes to share information with the Planning Commission may either 1) submit information in writing to the City Planner one week prior to a scheduled meeting and/or 2) at each Planning Commission meeting there will be a public input session where citizens will be allowed to speak.