Other Code Issues


In addition to the Zoning Ordinance, the Planning and Codes Administration Department is responsible for administering and enforcing the following regulations:

The International Property Maintenance Code

The primary purpose of this code is to ensure the proper maintenance of the exterior of private properties and the associated grounds. Key sections of this ordinance include:

  • requirements for demolition of hazardous structures
  • procedures for the disposition of derelict vehicles
  • standards regarding overgrown grass or weeds (maximum 10")
  • infestations of insects and vermin
  • standards for safe ingress/egress to structures

Flood Damage Ordinance

The Flood Damage Ordinance regulates areas within the City that are in designated flood zones. These regulations are federally mandated and subject to the oversight of FEMA. The ordinance covers new construction or alteration to existing structures in these flood zones as shown on the Federal Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) provided by FEMA. Participation in this program is mandatory so that the City and its residents are protected by flood insurance. Structures built in one of the flood zones must build at least one foot above the base elevation established by FIRM. A survey with elevations will be required as part of the permitting process.