E-911 Addressing


In order to maintain and promote public safety, the City of Clemson operates an E-911 system. A uniform property addressing system forms the basis of this program. Every property in the city has been assigned a unique street address that allows emergency responders and the general public to quickly identify the correct location. The Zoning and Codes Administration is responsible for maintaining these records and for assigning new addresses as the need arises.

These duties include...

  • New street names are approved by the Planning Commission to be sure they do not duplicate existing names in the system.
  • Requests to change the names of existing streets are approved by the Planning Commission
  • The Planner assigns addresses to new construction consistent with the approved numbering scheme.
  • Notification of all new addresses, new street names, or changes is sent to emergency response agencies, Pickens County and/or Anderson County, the US Post Office, and others involved in the 911 program.