City of Clemson Zoning Ordinance


The Zoning Ordinance regulates land use and was established to implement the land use element of the comprehensive plan. It provides minimum standards for building setbacks, parking, landscaping, and other related land use issues. The Zoning and Codes Administrator is responsible for the day-to-day administration and enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance. 

A copy of the City of Clemson Code of Ordinances, including Chapter 19 - Zoning, is available on The South Carolina Municodes Website.  Call staff at 864-653-2050 to learn of any proposed text amendments.

Click Here for most recents Ordinances that have yet to be published on The South Carolina Municodes Website.

Zoning Map

The Official Zoning Map establishes the boundaries for the various zoning districts located in the City of Clemson.  In order to determine the applicable zoning districts for a particular piece of property, please refer to the official zoning map (for latest information contact Zoning and Codes Administrator).

Sign Regulations

Division 3 of the City Zoning Ordinance contains the City Sign Regulations. Sign permits are required prior to the installation of business identification signs, wall mount signs, and certain other types of signage. Permit applications should be submitted with a site plan and signage details, including sign rendering.

Home Occupation Applications

A home occupation (19-302) is a business or hobby conducted by the residents of a home subject to the limitations and conditions outlined in the City Zoning Ordinance. An application for home occupation must be submitted and approved before a business license will be issued.

Zoning Text Amendments

The language of the Zoning Ordinance cannot be changed except by formal amendment by City Council. Persons interested in seeking a change must make a request to the Planning Commission or the City Council for consideration of a change. If either body feels a change may be acceptable, the Planning Division staff will be instructed to prepare a draft amendment for review by the Planning Commission. All amendments require a recommendation from the Planning Commission as to whether it should be adopted. City Council must than hold a public hearing and consider the measure through two readings of the ordinance.

Amendments to the Zoning Map/Rezoning

The Zoning Map is a legal part of the Zoning Ordinance and can only be amended by City Council. Any change to the Zoning Map requires a recommendation from the Planning Commission to City Council. Council must then hold a public hearing before approving the amendment through two readings of the ordinate (Article VIII).

Planning Commission Zoning Amendment Application

Planned Development District Request

A Planned Development (PD) district is established by a similar process to the Rezoning amendment above. In the case of a PD, the applicant is seeking to establish a mixed use zoning designation unique to a specific piece of property. Additional public meetings and detailed plans/submittals are required. A pre-application meeting is mandatory for a PD and can be scheduled by contacting one of the Planning Division staff.

Planning Commission Planned Development Application Form 1

Planning Commission Planned Development Application Form 2

Planning Commission Planned Development Application Form 3