Building Construction and Building Safety


The State of South Carolina requires all jurisdictions to permit and inspect construction activity using the International Building Codes. Building permits are required for any new construction, significant alterations or enlargements of existing buildings, and most major remodeling projects. Permits are also required for plumbing, electrical, and mechanical (HVAC) work done to new structures and alterations of existing structures. Swimming pools, signs, demolition, reroofing, and accessory buildings are also subject to the permit process.

The Certified Building Official oversees the Building Programs and the Fire Marshal oversees the Fire Programs for the City of Clemson. Building Officials, Fire Marshals and Inspectors are required to pass numerous State mandated certification examinations as qualifications for these positions. In addition, these positions are required to take extensive continuing education classes to keep skills current with evolving construction practices, mandated codes and new technologies.


Building and Related Codes - The City of Clemson has adopted the 2015 Building Codes.

Permit Process


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David Holbrooks, Building Inspector -

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