New Courtroom Located at City Hall

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"Who We Are"

Clemson Municipal Court
1250 Tiger Boulevard, Suite 3
Clemson, SC 29631



We are working in partnership with our constituents. We strive to continuously improve upon our reputation for accessibility, professionalism, performance, and expanded public trust while delivering quality services for people who live in, work in, and visit the city of Clemson.



We as an independent, accountable, and responsive Clemson Municipal Court will administer justice, ensure access to the Court, and deliver effective, uniform and consistent services to all of our constituents.



The mission of Clemson Municipal Court is to provide a fair and just resolution to all citizens who have been charged with misdemeanors within our jurisdiction.  The court is responsible for the adjudication and disposition of misdemeanor traffic, criminal, city ordinances, and parking violations issued within the city limits of Clemson, S.C.  Our mission is to serve the interests of justice for constituents by resolving matters brought before us in a fair, timely, efficient, and open manner.


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