Expunge a Record



The Clemson Municipal Court expunges misdemeanor criminal arrest records if the defendant is found to be “Not Guilty”, or if the charge is “Nolle Prosequi” or “Dismissed” by the Court, AND only in the event the person was fingerprinted for said offense. Requests should be made either in person at the Court, in writing, or by faxing a written request to Clemson Municipal Court, 1250-3 Tiger Boulevard, Clemson, SC, 29631, (864) 653-2044. Once 31 days have passed from the time of the request, the Judge will sign an Expungement Order. The Court will then destroy said record and forward a copy of the order to the Clemson Police Department, S.C. Department of Motor Vehicles and S.C. Law Enforcement Division (SLED).If you were convicted of a traffic/criminal offense, or if you participated in a Diversion Program, and wish to have the record expunged, you must contact the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit Solicitor’s Office at (864) 898-5628.