Diversion Program Enrollment


AEP is offered as an alternative to Court for underage alcohol offenders. Eligibility requirements are: (1) must be between the ages of 17 and 21; (2) must have no other alcohol-related offenses or criminal record. A person may only participate in AEP once. Participation in AEP does not prevent a person’s future eligibility to participate in PTI. Offenses covered by AEP are purchase/possession/transfer of an alcohol beverage, open container in a motor vehicle, open container in a public place, Public Disorderly Conduct (PDC), Public Drunk, Littering, and Possession /Use of False Identification. You must apply for AEP at the Clemson Municipal Court PRIOR to or DURING the scheduled court date and time. No applications will be accepted after Court. The application will then be forwarded to Solicitor’s Office. If the applicant is accepted into the program, the Solicitor’s Office will then schedule enrollment for the applicant.


PTI is offered as a “second chance” to those participants who do not present a threat to society and have no significant prior criminal history. Applications are accepted PRIOR TO YOUR SCHEDULED COURT DATE at the Solicitor’s Diversion Program’s Office located at 113 Court Street, Pickens, SC 29671. To apply you must have the following: (1) a Money Order for $100.00; (2) copy of the warrant or ticket; (3) picture I.D.; and, (4) Social Security Card.


*Diversion Programs are administered through the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit Solicitor’s Office. Please call (864) 898-5628 for fee and detailed explanation of course requirements.