City Council Special Called Meeting 11/16/2015


Agenda, Clemson City Council
*Special Called Meeting*
Monday, November 16, 2015 at 12:00 p.m.
City Hall, Upper Conference Room


1. Call to Order

2. Policy/Action Agenda:
  a. Group Health Insurance Bids

  b. College Avenue project Bids:
   1. Stormwater line replacement
   2. Sanitary sewer line
   3. Water

c. Set Public Hearing Dates  - Planning & Codes:

   1. Item Request – a proposed development rezoning of 240+/- acres located on the east side of Anderson Highway and southeast of Old Stone Church Road from R-20, Single-Family Residential District and concurrently annex lands in Pickens County into the City of Clemson subject to the Planned Development.

   2. Item Request – a proposed rezoning of land located at 300 Cochran Road by the City of Clemson from R-20 to RIL with a concurrent annexation/rezoning of a newly acquired parcel added to this property.  (TMS # 4054-09-25-3949 and a portion of 4054-10-36-3411 acquire from Clemson University by the City of Clemson).

   3. Item Request – a Proposed Zoning Text Amendment to Section 19-405. Standards for Conditional Use and Special Exceptions for Non-residential Districts, Table 19-405.  Table of Standards for Conditional Uses and Special Exceptions in Non-residential Districts to clarify the requirement for vehicular use areas abutting non-lakefront properties owned by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

   4. Item Request – an Ordinance to amend the City of Clemson Zoning Ordinance to establish conditional use standards and parking standards for banquet and outdoor event facilities, as well as, definitions for same.

   5. Item Request – an Ordinance to amend the City of Clemson Zoning Ordinance Article VIII, Section 19-807, Table 19-807 E.2. to eliminate the 3’ setback requirement for vehicular use areas directly abutting an active railroad right-of-way.

   6. Item Request – a  Proposed Text Amendment to Section 19-404 Density, Bulk, Dimensional Requirements for Principal and Accessory Uses and/or Structures in the Non-residential Districts to allow 65’ of height for structures in the CM, Commercial Mixed-Use District for properties abutting Keowee Trail.