City Council Meeting 03/17/2014


Agenda, Clemson City Council
Monday, March 17, 2014

**PUBLIC HEARING at 6:00 p.m.**
**at Littlejohn Community Center**

Regular Council Meeting at 7:30 p.m.
Council Chamber, Clemson City Hall


1. Call to Order
2. Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance – Butch Trent
3. Public Session
4. Approval of Minutes – March 3, 2014

5. Reports/Discussion Agenda:

a. Receive a summary report of the community survey that was recently completed for the Comprehensive Plan re-write – Ms. Jennifer Folz, City Planner.

b. Item Request – Receive an update on the name change of Finley Street to Fendley Street – Mr. Andy Blondeau, Assistant City Administrator.

c. Item Request – Receive two reports that involve Clemson Area Transit, including (1) the consideration of the GPATS Policy Committee action to accept the responsibility of becoming the Designated Recipient of FTA funds; and (2) a report on the delayed delivery of Proterra electric buses to the City of Seneca – Mr. Al Babinicz, Director of CAT and Mayor J.C. Cook III.

d. Item Request – Discuss Issues Related to a request from a local business that would place onto the November general election ballot a question to the voters to allow on-premise sale of alcohol beverages on Sunday – Council Member Cox and Mr. Andy Blondeau, Assistant City Administrator.

e. Item Request – Receive the Summary Report from City Council’s Annual Planning Retreat work session, which was held on February 28, 2014 – Mr. Rick Cotton, City Administrator.

f. Staff and Council Reports.

6. Policy/Action Agenda:

a. Item Request – Consider a request to allow a banner advertisement to be placed at the City Hall flag pole intersection for the Spring Scene Festival, which is being sponsored by Clemson University Undergraduate Student Government Association – Mayor J.C. Cook III.

b. Item Request – Consider purchasing 10 street light banners to promote the May 16th Relay for Life event.  These will be the “Paint the Town Purple” banners discussed at the March 3rd meeting – Mr. Andy Blondeau, Assistant City Administrator.

7. Executive Session:

a. Discuss legal issues/pending litigation.

b. Board & Commission appointment.