ITGA Strengthens University - City Relations

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ITGA Strengthens University-City Relations

Imagine a mayor and college president sitting down together regularly and talking over the events, issues, and circumstances that have affected both the town and the school. 

Imagine that the two of them engage in a productive, issues-based conversation about real concerns in each individual’s domain. Working through each of the problems before them, they leave with the same sense of cooperation and teamwork that has allowed both of them to succeed in their positions. Many times, the reality of the situation dictates that neither the town nor the school are moving forward in developing solutions – necessitating a cooperative spirit. 

This story is remnant of exactly what took place in Clemson, South Carolina – where both the Mayor of Clemson and the President of Clemson University sat down regularly on a park bench to craft solutions for problems. On that bench, the foundation was laid for ITGA to become the key organization to promote this type of relationship among towns and their colleges or universities. 

The City of Clemson and Clemson University are widely considered to be national models for building and maintaining mutually beneficial town-gown relationships. According to The Princeton Review, Clemson ranks No. 1 among public institutions in the nation in the category “Town-Gown Relations Are Great.” City and University collaborations for fire protection, transit service, joint marketing initiatives, student involvement and other projects have provided service and economic benefits for both partners as well as a high-quality living and learning environment for a Madren Conference Center on the Clemson campus. The idea of a permanent town-gown professional organization began to take shape at that conference, and in September 2008, the JCUAB officially created a forum to launch the International Town & Gown Association